Electrical safety

A.Osborne Electrical Limited excels in offering robust emergency light and fire alarm testing services.

Our trained experts conduct detailed testing of emergency lighting systems to ensure functionality during power outages, promoting safety in emergencies. The testing process they've developed is meticulous, confirming the readiness of all emergency lighting systems in a building.

Blueprint plans of home building and construction with electrical items

Some of the services we offer inlcude:

In regards to fire alarm testing, A.Osborne Electrical Limited technicians verify every component's functionality, from detectors to control panels to alert mechanisms. These comprehensive tests are performed at regular intervals to comply with safety regulations and can also be conducted on-demand in response to client requests.

Understanding the criticality of swift action in emergencies, A.Osborne Electrical Limited ensures clients' emergency systems are always in optimal condition. Combining their technical prowess with an unwavering commitment to safety, they provide reliable, life-saving testing services.

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